About Us

Who are we? First off, we are keto-crazy! We produce products that strive to make ketosis easier than ever before.

All of our products are keto-friendly, with low or no carbs and focuses on getting your body into ketosis faster than your body would on its own with a balanced diet. 


Everyone wants to get rid of fat, and we all know that fat takes work to burn. A lot of people are unaware of how carbs make that process for your body so much harder. Carbs are easier to burn than fat, but block the fats in your body so they become your bodies first priority. This causes fats to linger in the body. When your body is low on carbs, however, and your body doesn’t have enough glucose from carbs for energy, it fuels through fat rapidly instead— a metabolic state known as ketosis.


Fats are a lot more natural to burn than carbs, as carbs are typically found in man made products. Being in a state of ketosis has shown to promote faster weight loss, improve metabolism, and increase energy levels and mental clarity.


Since carbs are found in so many foods you wouldn’t expect and are hard to avoid, getting into ketosis isn’t easy. Maintaining it is even harder. Ketones in your body are what help you get and stay into ketosis.


Our products contain BHBs that closely mimic the ketones in your body, increasing your actual ketone levels to help you get into a state of ketosis fast and fuel you once you’re there. They contain collagen to keep your skin youthful, restore gut health, control appetite and moderate cravings. Offered in the form of capsules and gummies for your convenience!