What You Need To Know About Working Out While On A Keto Diet

  1. High-Intensity Exercises Will Become Tougher
  2. The Keto Flu


So you’ve finally decided that you want to shed the extra weight. You are tired of feeling heavy even by just walking. You are tired of always buying new clothes every few months because your current ones no longer fit you. You are tired of always being tired due to your weight. You just want to feel healthier and be more active. After doing hours of research, you feel that the keto diet is the one for you. You like the idea of lowering your carb intake and increasing fat intake. Out of all the diet regimens you have researched, it seems that the keto diet is the one that you can stick to. You are also planning to extensively exercise to speed up the process of shedding the extra pounds and getting a fit and healthy body. You are hitting two birds with one stone. Losing weight and getting your desired physique. Your weight loss plan is looking good and the only thing you need to do is to start it. Sounds easy, right?

It all sounds too easy that there might be something else you are missing. Yes, going on a keto diet is a great way of losing weight while still being able to eat some of your favorite food, albeit with way more discipline and control. Going on this diet also changes how your body fuels itself. The reason why this diet is about low carb and high fat intake is because it trains the body to use fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. How this affects your exercise routine? Read on and find out.

High-Intensity Exercises Will Become Tougher

High-intensity workouts or exercises require short bursts of energy which carbohydrates provide. Since going on a keto means lower carb intake, then your body would not be able to provide enough energy for these types of exercises. It does not mean that you are unable to do them, it just means that you will experience a drop in your performance.


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The Keto Flu

You might feel fatigued and suffer from headaches for the first 4 weeks while on a keto diet. Do not worry as this is completely normal. This is called by some as the “keto flu”. This is caused by your body’s changing metabolism which forces it to burn fat for fuel. This will mean that you might not feel like going to the gym or working out. Take it easy during this time period. Give your body time to adjust.


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