Why are my nails brittle?

  1. Take a Biotin Supplement.  
  2. Keep your nails out of the water.
  3. Be careful about the products you use.
  4. Moisturize your nails.
  5. Keep your nails short.
  6. Stick to a healthy diet.


There are many factors why our nails become brittle. It could be a sign of aging or a result of putting on nail polish too often. The weather can also affect the fragility of your nails. When the weather is cold, it may result to the dryness of your nails. Some health conditions are also associated with the changes in your nails, like hypothyroidism or anemia. Prolonged exposure to water can also be a cause, like swimming or washing the dishes frequently.

Worry not. There are a lot of solutions to your nail problems. Here are some tips on how to grow strong and beautiful nails:

Take a Biotin Supplement.  

The Core’s Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies is the perfect biotin supplement. These gummies are fused with biotin to give your body the boost it needs to build strong, healthy, shiny hair and nails. Packed with powerful collagen proteins and digestive health supporters, our gummies are formulated to take daily, giving you beauty from the core out!


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Keep your nails out of the water.

It is impossible to keep your nails dry all the time, but be mindful when soaking them in the water. If you are doing the laundry, washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom too often, you may use a rubber gloves. Minimize your time spent in showers or swimming pools as well.


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Be careful about the products you use.

As much as possible, use products that are organic and chemical-free nail polish and polish removers. Too much exposure to chemicals can damage your nails. Stick to non-toxic nail polish and acetone-free polish remover. Make sure to also give your nails some timeout from nail polish.


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Moisturize your nails.

Use lotion or hand cream to hydrate your nails. Do this after washing your hands or whenever you soak your hands in the water. Ensure that your hands are clean before putting any moisturizers. 


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Keep your nails short.

Avoid breaking, chipping, cracking or splitting your nails by cutting your nails regularly. Shorter nails are stronger, healthier and are easier to maintain.


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Stick to a healthy diet.

One of the keys on how to maintain strong and beautiful nails is through your food. Eat food that are full of antioxidants, like blueberries, strawberries and bananas, protein-rich food like lean meats from turkey, chicken and beef and green leafy veggies that provide enough calcium, folate and iron to get your nail back in shape.


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If you’ve tried all these remedies and more and notice that your nails are still brittle and weak, schedule an appointment with your doctor. There may be an underlying condition that needs to be treated that can make your nails strong again.