What To Expect When Going On A Keto Diet

  1. It’s Quick
  2. The “Keto Flu”
  3. Changing Your Workout


Do you love bacon but want to lose weight? Do you want a lean body but still be able to eat all the bacon you want? No, we are not talking about some magical potion or spell. We are talking about the keto diet. This high fat and low carb diet is fast becoming one of the most popular and effective diet regimens out there. Not only is it effective, but it also has fewer restrictions on what you can eat. It is all about the carb and fat intake. Sounds good, right? Well, just like any trend that involves health and fitness, it is best that you educate yourself first before diving in. Being informed allows you to properly decide if this diet is for you. Read on and find out what you can expect when going on a keto diet.

It’s Quick

The goal of this diet is for your body to enter a state of ketosis. In the ketosis state, your body switches from burning carbs for fuel to burning fat instead. What makes this diet type popular is not just because of the license to eat all the bacon you want, it is because of how quick your body can enter this fat-burning state. How quick you ask? It only takes 24-48 hours. This is appealing to most people as the quicker your body can get to the first stage of the diet regimen, the quicker it is to lose weight.


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The “Keto Flu”

We always hear about the great results from people who undergo any sort of diet. The keyword being “results”. What we do not hear about is the process of getting those results. The same thing is true with the keto diet. We always hear about how great it is and how many pounds they’ve lost since starting the diet. What we don’t hear about is the thing called the “keto flu”. As your body switches to using fat as fuel, you may feel weak and sick. This is because it has always relied on carbs for fuel and needs a bit more time to adjust. Stick with it as the feeling will pass after a week or two.


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Changing Your Workout

Keto will change the way or the type of workout that you are currently doing. Since your body is now using fat for fuel, you may encounter decreased performance during high-intensity workouts. Cardio workouts, on the other hand, are highly recommended if you are in ketosis.


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