Perfect Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies

Chewing a gummy is an easy way to enhance the health and beautification of your body. Gummies are trending, so jump on the bandwagon! 

Here at The Core, we can provide you with our Hair, Skin and Nail Gummies that really work thanks to collagen and biotin power we have locked into our ingredient deck. We truly are bringing you beauty from the inside out - starting with your core health.


Why gummies?

Supplements are there to provide necessary nutrients that are extracted from various food sources and so on. Gummies are up and trending because they’re easy to pop in your mouth wherever you are. As a part of The Core, our gummies are keto-friendly, gluten free, low carb, Non-GMO and diabetic approved. Our ingredients include gelatin, rice flour, magnesium saturate and silica.

Biotin, why is it trending?

The Collagen & Biotin gummies we sell at The Core are packed with powerful collagen proteins and digestive health supporters. Biotin is our key to success and that’s the trending additive at the moment. Biotin is a vitamin that aids in stimulating your hair, skin and nail growth. Here are some specifics:


  • Biotin strengthens the density of your hair. 
  • Biotin thickens and grows your hair at a faster rate.


  • If your deficient in Biotin, your skin may become red, scaly and rashy. Taking more biotin can clear up your skin.


  • Biotin can help with nail growth and strengthening brittle nails.
  • If you find a yellowish color showing up on your toenails as well, biotin can help with discoloration.

Biotin also plays an important role in food metabolism and cell growth. Why wouldn’t you want to be taking this into your body?

Don’t leave Collagen out!

Collagen is another major part of our gummies. Collagen has many benefits such as providing your skin with structure and bone strengthening. The older you get, the less collagen your produce, thus leading to wrinkles and dry skin. Essentially collagen has the ability to slowly age your skin overtime. Added benefits that come with collagen are it can help relieve joint pain and prevent bone loss. As well as promote heart health and boost muscle mass. 

Supplements not your thing? We got you

Biotin can’t only be taken through a supplement. There are plenty of foods you can eat that can provide more biotin in your system. Some of these include:

  • Yeast
  • Egg yolks
  • Organ meats (liver and kidney)
  • Cheese
  • Mushrooms

and more… 

For more information on supplements, we The Core are here to guide you. You can learn more about our products when they launch on Amazon this summer and by following along with our blog! Until then, be sure to follow us on Instagram @ShopTheCore #TrustYourCore #TreatYourCore #CoreOClock #CoreKids