Keto Diet - Trend or here to stay?


1. The Buzz Words

2. Controlled Glucose Levels

3. Beauty in the Skin You're In

4. Controlling the Munchies

The Buzz Words 

With so many buzz words floating around the health and wellness industry, it can be challenging to truly distill what should and shouldn’t be on your radar when it comes to your diet. 

Fad diets are splashed across your social feeds and how to get the hot summer bod is written across every magazine cover at the grocery store checkout…

Well, if you’re frustrated and confused, we get it and we hear you. Although you should always consult your doctor about what’s right for your body, we want to share a couple of the key components of the keto diet that make it work for us, and prove it’s not just a trend, but rather a non-negotiable building block to creating healthy and sustainable energy to get us through our busy weeks. 

Disclaimer: The keto diet isn’t a “cure all” way to eat. It’s simply a modality used to nourish our bodies efficiently. 

Controlled Glucose Levels:

Blood sugar is a huge topic of conversation for diabetics, of course. However, there is nothing wrong with monitoring your carb intake as a cautionary method. By eating fewer carbs, your body will actually be able to process sugar better. In fact, we’ve learned that diabetics who follow low-glycemic diets have been able to reduce their medication intake - how cool!  Creating sustainable energy that supports your daily life is one of our favorite aspects of the keto diet. 

Beauty in the Skin You’re In:

Eat healthy and you’ll have pretty skin - that’s the tale as old as time, right? Well, here’s the thing - eat less foods with refined carbohydrates and sugar, and you’ll be supporting a healthy gut! Believe it or not, despite any topical treatments you may put on your skin, often times the real problem that could be irritating your skin is what you’re fueling your body with on the regular. So - this way of eating is actually supporting your skin from within! By focusing on a diversified diet that champions healthy fats and oils, plus leafy greens, you’ll be seeing a serious glow appear on your skin.  


Controlling the Munchies:

The main draw of this diet, in our opinion, in regards to how it’s enhancing our everyday life, is the sustainability of energy and reduction of cravings! That’s right, you heard us. You will feel FULL if you eat this way, which is a major win. By eating high-fat foods like avocados, salmon and tons of veggies, you’d be surprised how satisfied you can feel. With limited snacks needed on hand, the keto diet is a for sure “yes” from us. Instead of satisfying cravings with crackers, cereals and starchy foods, challenge yourself to grow accustomed to the satisfaction a balanced meal can provide you. Although it might take a little more of a mind over matter mentality to get yourself started, trust that the foods you’re eating can fill you up wholly and nutritiously. 



All this to say, the keto diet isn’t a fad. It’s a day-to-day commitment we’re making to ourselves, that for all intents and purposes is a simplified way of eating - one that supports our goals of internal gut health, external glow and overall weight loss. With these key components of the diet in mind, it’s clear the keto diet isn’t a fad to turn the page on, it’s a highly sustainable foundation for your everyday meal plan. Plus, by supplementing the diet with The Core products, you’ll feel healthier than ever. 


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