How Does Food Connect To My Mental Health?

  1. Crucial For Brain Development
  2. A Positive Influence


We love to eat. It is one of the most basic pleasures in life. Eating our favorite food gives us that feeling of contentment and joy. To most people, the chance of being able to eat their favorite food is something to look forward to. It is something that will get them through their hectic workday. It is a reward that pushes them and keeps them going. There are also people who not only look at food as something that can only give them pleasure. It is also something that is used to improve their health. Yes, food does nourish us but as we already know, not all food is good for us. But is that all there is to it when it comes to food? Pleasure and physical health?

Health and fitness is all the rage these days. Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? There are diet regimens for both. How about maintaining a healthy weight? There are also specific diet regimens to do just that. No matter which one you are trying to do, it involves limiting what you can eat and how much you can eat. With all these talks about food and their effects on our body, no one usually mentions its effect on our mental health. We always forget about the most important part of our overall health. Our minds. So how does food affect our mental health?

Crucial For Brain Development

If we are so concerned about our health and fitness, we should also consider consuming food that would benefit our brains. When we eat, our body transforms the food into brain tissue, enzymes and neurotransmitters which are responsible for transmitting information to the different parts of our body. Go for food that is rich in zinc and omega 3 to help maintain and develop our brains.


A Positive Influence

Consuming the right type of food can be a big help for people who suffer from mental illness. Food can have an impact on our emotional state as well as on our cognition. Getting the right kind of vitamins and minerals from food can improve our energy levels, memory and can help us manage or take control of our emotions. A reminder though, eating is not a cure. Medical intervention should always come first. It is just a good way to maintain healthy habits and manage symptoms.

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