Keto Diet While Breastfeeding

  1. Drink Lots Of Water
  2. Consume Enough High-Quality Fats
  3. Try A Moderate Low-Carb Diet
  4. Bottom Line


You now have a little human, also known as an infant, and you want to shed your excess baby weight. After all, having a new member of the family is not an excuse to just let the pounds pile up. Since most of your time and energy will be spent on taking care of your little one, you need to be healthier and more fit than ever before. So you’ve decided on going the keto diet route. From what you’ve learned from your research, you think it is the best fit for your body and lifestyle. The big question is, how do you do it while breastfeeding? You do want to lose weight but not at the expense of your baby’s health. Check out some of these tips on how to successfully stay in a keto diet while breastfeeding without compromising your health and your baby’s.

Drink Lots Of Water

The most common cause of low milk supply is not getting enough water in the body. Make sure that you are drinking lots of it throughout the day. This is even more important when you are in a keto diet. The lesser carbohydrates you have means that water excretion is higher than normal. Remember that your body needs more water than usual to produce milk and to help in healing your body from the labor and delivery. Hydrate!

Consume Enough High-Quality Fats

If this is your first time being a mother, other moms will tell you that you will need all the energy that you can get. You need to consume enough high-quality fat to keep you going throughout the day. Consuming enough calories and fat is also the key to producing healthy amounts of milk for your baby.


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Try A Moderate Low-Carb Diet

If you are having problems producing milk, try going for a moderately low-carb diet. Start with 50-75 grams of healthy carbs and lower the amount by 5 to 10 grams per day and observe how it affects your milk production. Stick with the amount that you are comfortable with.

Bottom Line

While those tips are generally safe to follow, there is still no extensive research about the effects of keto diet on breastfeeding. It is still recommended to consult a doctor or a nutritionist if you are planning on taking up a specific diet plan especially if you are breastfeeding. 


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