• Healthy Keto Snacks

    Chocolate Bacon Bell Pepper Nachos   Being on a diet does not mean starving yourself and depriving yourself of tasty treats. For people like us on a keto diet, we get exposed to a lot of new and creative recipes that we would not have discovered if we did not go for this type of diet regimen. I... View Post
  • Why You’re Not Losing Weight On Keto

    Too Many Carbs Not Actually In Ketosis Not Eating Nutritious Meals   It’s been a few months since you started your keto diet but you don’t seem to be losing any weight. You then start to question the validity of ketosis and also question yourself if you are doing the correct diet regimen. Are y... View Post
  • How To Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

    Plan Your Meals Keep It Clean Get Some Rest   According to statistics, 40% of Americans will be traveling during the holiday season. That is around 100 million people who will either be going on vacation or visiting family members. That is a lot of people and chances are you are one of those.  ... View Post